Q: I don’t have any training gear…
A: You can only once borrow gloves at the training! We have very limited amounts of gloves and shin protection, so it is possible that you wont be able to borrow because there are to many participants! If you want to train on a regular basis, we advise you to buy all of the appropriate gear. (Gloves, teeth-protection, etc.) You can buy gloves at the SSC counter, gloves cost 35,- Euro.

Q: What does the membership costs?
A: Impact does charge a fee after your third training. The costs are E15,- per year.

Q: Is a jockstrap (toque) really necessary during kickboxing?
A; We strongly advise you (if you are a male) to were one. Especially among the beginners, this type of accident is easily made.

Q: I don’t have any experience in martial arts, can I still join the training?
A: Yes. You can train with another beginner at your own level and paste.

Q: I’m not very strong, should I first start with cardio and fitness?
A: No. You shouldn’t.

Q: I’m not in the possession of a TU/E sporting card. Can I still join the (kick-)boxing training?
A: No, unfortunately you cannot. The training is held in the Student Sporting Complex (SSC) and is only available for those who have a sporting card.

Q: Ok, I want to join a training. Where do I sign up?
A: Nowhere. Just come to the training.

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